Daughter Buys a Red Dress, Parents Choke Back Tears

Sometimes, it takes a jolt for parents in denial to realize that
their kids are growing up fast.

red dress
Shawna after her purchase of a red outfit from Fetish Boutique.

Last Christmas, our kids got some money gifts from their grandparents and also from our wedding godparents. In order to teach them about budgeting and handling money as part of their homeschooling lessons, I told them that they have money and they can use part of it to buy something that they like but they cannot use all of it. They have to save some for their investment (mutual funds) and their Hong Kong trip that we had been planning for so long.

At first, we planned to bring them to the toy store so that they can pick a toy that they like. But then Shawna had been complaining about this red dress that she is wearing in the picture. She said that it is already tight around the armpits. This was given to her during her 7th birthday last March and it is a size 8 but it didn’t take very long for her to outgrow it. Or maybe because it is not made of stretchable fabric. I have been letting her wear it since November so that at least, she would be able to use it several times before letting it retire, but on Christmas day, I decided to give it up because it was getting uncomfortable for her.

So I told her, instead of a toy, we will have to buy a red dress for her because that is a need. A toy is a want. And she understood it well. You see, in a Chinese family, red outfits are a wardrobe staple because we wear them to celebrations. And this is especially important for kids, as they have to wear red for the birthdays of their elders.

red dress, Fetish Boutique
Check out the display.

Now, I told her that she had a budget of P1,000. But if she can find a dress that is lower than P1,000, that means she gets to save more money. We went around the mall and we found red dresses that had price tags that said P799, P899, and P999. And they did not look very nice. Shawna computed the prices against her money and we decided that they were a bit excessive. We roamed around the mall trying to look for a good bargain and we found our way to the Fetish Boutique, located on the 2nd floor of Robinsons Place Bacolod (south wing).

They had several red outfits on display but we settled on this lovely red off shoulder jump suit with delicate flower embroidery. When she tried it on, it looked good on her even though it had an allowance that will let her be able to wear it for another two years perhaps. While she modeled the dress in front of us, her Papa and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed at how she has matured. I was teary-eyed for a bit at the spectacle before me.

red dress
Shawna tried her red outfit and we couldn’t help but get teary-eyed at this spectacle.

And the best thing is, the jumpsuit only costs P595. Shawna learned that it was cheaper that the rest that we saw previously, it looked much better, and she can wear it for another two years, so it was a good deal.

She brought her dress to the cashier, paid for it, and waited for her change. It made us all the more realize that we have to show her to do these things more often so that she will know what to do and what to expect when going shopping.

red dress
Shawna paid for her dress at the cashier.
red dress, Fetish Boutique
She got her change.
Red dress
Purchase is done.

While it was a time to teach our child, we were also taught one big lesson–the best thing that we can teach out children is how to live their lives when we are no longer around. That is part of our homeschooling in Bacolod.

“The best thing that we can teach out children is how to live their lives when we are no longer around.”

Sigh..our eldest daughter is growing up really fast. Have you had the same experience? Can you also share your stories with us?

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