Dancing With Barney

Dancing With Barney

I remember my younger brother than when he was around 2 years old, he danced with my classmates and me during our dance number in school. A teacher saw him dancing below the stage and carried him up where he continued dancing. He had a couple of photos of that event. hehe And now he is an engineer.

Now it seems that my little girl has taken up after him–in terms of dancing and singing. As for the profession, the little girl seems to be inclined to pursue a career in the medical field, but of course, we all know that it is still too early to tell. She may become a medical assistant who has studied in a medical assistant school or a doctor with a specialized field. We don’t know.

But all we know right now is, she loves dancing and singing. She would watch videos and enjoy singing and dancing with the characters. And she can easily memorize songs. She also has an ear for rhythm and timing. And well, she has her own choreography. Weeeeee

Recently, she has taken an interest in Barney, which is quite late for some, because she had been interested in many other characters in the past. But when we bought her a small Barney imitation toy that belts out the “I love you, You love me” song when his heart is pressed, Dindin got hooked. When we showed her the videos, she liked them. So here she is, caught on cam, dancing to the song that sounded like Boppity Bop. hehe

5 thoughts on “Dancing With Barney

  1. Philip Mayo

    shocked! i was shocked with the sneeze and i know who just did it.lol

  2. olivia diaz

    she could learn a lot from barney. i remember my two boys singing “clean up ” song from that program when puting away their toys after playing. missed those precious days,like ur brother they are grown men now…

  3. pepay

    dala pa to ang pangachi nang? haha… daw ka lingaw sg boppity bop na word..haha… saja kay din2…cant wait to see her na gid… 😀

  4. Mitchteryosa

    Barney played a big role in my life, sya ang baby sitter ko when Deye was still a baby up to her toddler years. I just had to play Barney on DVD and she sits still. All my house works and even take home office works are done without hassle.

    1. admin Post author

      haha that’s nice mommy mitch. as for Dindin, she had been hooked to several series na e. Baby Signing Time, Singning Time, Leapfrog, Elmo, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Bao Bei, some Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba, Tinkerbell, and now Barney. Hmm…maybe I should write another article about these videos. hehe

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