Dance Showdown with Jollibee

Dance Showdown with Jollibee

Dindin was perhaps the happiest during the belated birthday celebration of her cousin, Ahya EJ.

Well, she did eat, but most of her time was spent playing and dancing in front, even when everyone else was eating and talking. haha

When the mascots Jollibee and Hetty came out, everyone was so happy. They had a dance number and Dindin joined. It was scary to see as she might get hit but she does that all time. We have attended many Jollibee birthday parties already (including her own) and she would really talk and dance with the mascots.

And that night, after the program Jollibee gave Dindin a rare opportunity–a dance showdown! Weeeeeeeee Dindin was very happy.

So I am sharing her video here. hahaha What an experience!

8 thoughts on “Dance Showdown with Jollibee

  1. pepay

    hahahaha..pirdi si jabee… diin ni din2 na kwa iya steps ya? haha… saja… 😀

  2. olivia diaz

    watchout everybody, you’re looking at the future dancing queen!!!!ha ha ha

  3. admin Post author

    thank you all! sa mga fans ni dindin! hahaha she really enjoyed that experience. she loves jollibee so much!

  4. Dennis

    She really LOVES Jollibee. She even said, “I love you, Jollibee!” Tita, I’d love to see the day she becomes a dancing queen!

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