Dance Revo

Dance Revo

We went to Robinsons Place yesterday and treated Dindin to her baby’s day out. First we had snacks at KFC and she had her favorite–French fries. Then we passed by the fountain area where Dindin stayed for about 30 minutes, as she has always been fascinated by the water jumping up and down. We had to force her away and entertain her with something else.

dave funhouse fountain area

Next stop was the Dave’s Funhouse on the third floor, in the area between the Robinsons cinemas. Since it was already a quarter to seven, we were only allowed 30 minutes of play. Oh, Dindin enjoyed the play so much. I believe that for her, it was like Toys R Us, but here, she can play and lift things and ride on on the cars, etc. She was not able to play with everything in the short span of time and because of her age constraints, but she loved going around in her socks and testing the toys available. She even washed the fruits in the washing machine. lol

dave funhouse

We consumed the 30 minutes and were allowed some 5 minutes extra then we went our way. Of course, we did not leave without resistance. Dindin loved to play there that despite being offered her de-de, she would not budge.

dave funhouse2

So we took her to Quantum and showed her the Dance Revo. There were others still playing so she looked at them. Then she looked for something to support her so that she could climb up. But we did not allow her because there were several people on the ramp. When we moved to the other side, she kept on asking us to help her up. When we kept on ignoring her, she climbed up herself. We thought that the other kids were paying customers so thought of leaving. But it was free play time so the operator allowed Dindin to play. Yahoo! The other kids could not budge because we were all freeloaders so they had no choice but to give way to Dindin. haha

Watch her Dance Revo Video!

I am just thankful that Dindin does not fight with other kids. Nor that she know how to fight back. Yeah, sometimes she just avoids them but she has never hit anyone else in order to get what she wants. And we do not teach her to hit back when she is hurt, we think it is best that she practice humility. She is also quick to say sorry if she has hurt someone. She is so playful that she just wants to join!

4 thoughts on “Dance Revo

  1. Dhadha

    Budindin is so CUTE!!! Enjoy gd sya ya sa dance revo. Hahahaha! Abi Mommy Boots, buy her nlng sng dance revo for PS2 pra biskan sa haus mka play sya nga sya lang, just like Kimy. :))

  2. alex

    awwww… this is super cute! and the photos are awesome!!! (fave ko ang gina pa wear ya ka hat!) kasadya man ni man!!!

  3. pepay

    wahahahahahaha! tawa2 ko nang..haha… and wala gid siya tuud labot… haha… basta ma pudag2 man cya sg tiil nya..haha..

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