Dance Aerobics by Dindin

Dance Aerobics by Dindin

Above is Dindin’s Dance Aerobics Workout Video. She had been doing this for quite some time before I was able to capture her on video. And if you listen closely, she tried to pose for the camera once because she thought that I was taking her photo. LOL

That is how health-conscious Dindin is, trying to burn off calories as much as she could with whatever exercises she can think of. That is her way of keeping fit.

Actually, she has a lot of exercise regimen and this is just one of it. Gotta burn those calories, you know! hahaha If only Mama is this determined as Dindin to stay in shape the Mama would be as sexy as Dindin. haha The good thing, she is having so much fun! I just could not say the same for our bed because it is taking the brunt of Dindin’s exercises!

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6 thoughts on “Dance Aerobics by Dindin

  1. Karla

    hahhahha!! ka sadya…kabalo gd sya sang gina himo nya nang..indi ya bsta jump-jump jog gd sya ya..haha.and ka nice sang iya top! i 🙂 heheh. 🙂

  2. admin Post author

    hihih yeah when she exercises, it is not like she moves around for the heck of it. she is so intentional in her movements. haha

  3. Pepay

    While watching the video nang.. Made me ask why she is conscious of being physically fit at her age… I wonder what God’s plan is for her someday… For sure it is for a purpose… Daw ka she is preparing for something… Hee… Just a thought.. 🙂

  4. admin Post author

    hehehe gani man no? ano ayhan? yeah for sure God has a greater purpose for Dindin’s cardio training. hahaha

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