Cute and Comfortable Play Clothes for Girls

Cute and Comfortable Play Clothes for Girls

Bloomers allow your little girls to wear their nice dresses and still feel comfortable playing hard. These also protect their modesty. Photos from

While many little girls enjoy wearing dresses, parents sometimes wish for light and comfortable play clothes that their girls can wear under a dress. Leggings and bloomer shorts are two types of such play clothing that can provide a sense of modesty and confidence to active young girls who want to play, climb and run.

In cooler weather, thin, stretchy leggings, often made partially from spandex, can provide an extra layer of warmth and insulation beneath dresses. For girls on the go, they can also provide a layer of protection against skinned knees or other possible mishaps than can occur on the playground or in the schoolyard.

You can shop now for shorts for the coming summer months. In hotter weather, bloomer shorts can provide a cool and comfortable layer beneath dresses. Shorts like the ones sold at Sparkle Farms are made of a thin, breathable cotton-spandex blend that makes them easy to move around in. They also come in pretty colors and are close-fitting enough that they won’t bunch up under a skirt or a dress. Whether sitting in the sandbox or climbing on the monkey bars, girls will feel cool and confident when wearing bloomer shorts like these. They are also comfortable enough that they can double as summer pajama bottoms, too.

So don’t limit your girls’ active play just because they happened to be wearing dresses or skirts when you went out. Always make it a point to let them wear bloomers under their dresses so that they won’t have to say no to playtime when the opportunity presents itself. And when you allow them, you are secure that their modesty is protected. You can sit back and just watch them play without having to remind them about their skirts.

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