Curiosity and Wonder Sparked at The Mind Museum Show at The District North Point

Curiosity and Wonder Sparked at The Mind Museum Show at The District North Point

Dindin with her friend Yanna before the show. So excited for what’s in store for them.

The Mind Museum now features an on-the-go educational program that aims to spark wonder and curiosity among kids in schools, malls, and other public venues.

Mind Mover Asia here in Bacolod, live at The District North Point.

Last weekend, my daughter was treated to such when The Mind Museum on-the-go show was held at The District North Point, hosted by Mind Mover Asia. She did a total of seven experiments, namely:

1) The antioxidant experiment — where she showed how antioxidants work to cleanse the body of free radicals.
2) Burn your money — how paper money can be ignited and yet not burn.
3) The flame experiment — where she showed that fire can turn many colors with the addition of different ingredients.
4) Cloud in a bottle — where she showed how a cloud is formed.
5) Slime — where kids can make slime on their own so that they can play with it.
6) Soda fountain — perhaps the most awesome experience of the kids where Mentos candies were placed in a bottle of soda and it created a soda fountain.
7) Fire jet — where heat softened a 5-gallon pet bottle.

Making slime–Dindin goes on stage with several other kids to help in the experiment.

More volunteers went up the stage for the Fire Jet experiment.

Perhaps the most awesome moment for all the kids was the Coke and Mentos experiment that created a soda fountain.

We were able to visit The Mind Museum last year when we went to Manila (we are based in Bacolod) and it was a pretty awesome experience for Dindin. But this show also brought a different kind of glee because Dindin saw how science worked using just day to day stuff. And well, she is already a year older and wiser, too. For us homeschoolers, this is one activity that we hope to always catch miss because while you can do these simple experiments at home, the “aha!” and “nganga (jaw-dropping)” moments that Dindin had in the show was simply priceless.

A very excited Dindin with her friend Yanna. They had so many “nga-nga” moments during the show.

Mind Mover Asia said that they are hoping to stage another show with more awesome experiments in the near future using more ingredients. She was constrained this time because she could not bring some stuff along with her during her flight but hopefully, next time, the producers can just source the ingredients locally.

Looking forward to that! 😀

Dindin and Yanna asked Mind Mover Asia some questions after the show.

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