Creative Play Using Hand Lotions

Creative Play Using Hand Lotions

hand lotion

Making a flower out of 8 hand lotion bottles.

Christmas is fast approaching and we thought of giving some tokens to our co-workers. Technically, they are co-workers because we are also working in the store of my in-laws.

So we went to SM Department Store and we bought a total of eight hand lotions. We thought of giving these away to them for Christmas. Just a token for them, as we really did not have a big budget for this. We also just want Dindin to be able experience giving gifts to others.

Anyway, we just arrived home and I took out the items from the shopping bag. The next thing I knew, Dindin had played with them and she has already formed them into a flower (pictured above). hihihi Isn’t her arrangement cute? Yeah, she has this penchant for forming new things using ordinary materials that she finds lying around in the room. She has this creative eye that can see things from a different perspective and she can make nice things out of them. That is why I had to take a photo of this. It is just soooo nice to pass up. 😀 And look, they are in perfect symmetry. haha So OC.

Right now, I am wondering how we should present these things. Will we still wrap them or do we just tie ribbons with note cards on them? I still can’t decide. hihi


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