Cool Cat

Cool Cat

Well, I guess you can say that Dindin is a cool cat. Judge for yourself.

This afternoon, we could still hear that Dindin has some phlegm. So we thought of taking her to BREDCO port again so that she can just play in the outdoors. The sea breeze is also effective in loosening her phlegm. But since she woke up at 5:30pm, we left the house around 6pm already.

While I was getting her shoes, Dindin said, “Wear shades.”

I told her, “Din, kun adlaw ka lang ga wear shades. Sirum na subong. (Din, you only wear shades during daytime. It is already dusk now.)”

To which Dindin immediately replied in a song that she took from Baby Signing Time, “Sun, sun, sun…sunny day.”

With a sigh, I have no choice but to give in to her because it is not completely wrong. And she has declared that it was still daytime. She must have thought that it is a norm to don eyewear before leaving the house or that her sunglasses match her outfit. You go figure.

Now here she is with her shades on, happily posing for the the camera. Never mind the curious stares of people who saw us on the way to BREDCO.

4 thoughts on “Cool Cat

  1. pepay

    sun sun sunny day!! haha.. i wish i have the “bubbliness” of badin… hihihi… amazing little girl.. 😀

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