Conzace Helps Us Fight Diseases

The first time I learned about Conzace was more than four years ago–when my eldest daughter Dindin was born. She was delivered via C-Section and I was highly sedated. But while I was in the hospital, I would still remember doctor’s orders, including the brand of painkillers, laxative and supplement. I distinctly remembered that Conzace was recommended by my doctor for my vitamin supplement.

From the company’s website, Unilab, it says, “Conzace is a nutritional supplement that provides synergistic antioxidant properties that helps improve the body’s immune system, to fight against sickness.” I really do not understand much of it, except for the second part. But what I do know is that my husband and I had been taking Conzace for several years now, albeit intermittently. As for my husband, he alternates Conzace with another Unilab brand, MaxVit.

One thing that I have observed is that our bodies would be immediately revitalized and our immunity against sickness is given a great boost with Conzace. For example, we may not be taking the supplement that week and then suddenly we feel that we may be going down with something, we would immediately take Conzace and the illness does not prosper. Yes, we can really feel the effect. That is why we trust Conzace.

And now that I am breastfeeding and staying up late taking care of our second daughter, I take Conzace to boost my immune system. I cannot afford to get sick with two kids relying on me for their care. That is why we always have Conzace at home. This is a really effective vitamin supplement that is true to its claim.


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