Common Causes of Women’s Hair Loss

Common Causes of Women’s Hair Loss

“Whip it” says Willow Smith. That’s easy for her to say at the ripe age of thirteen. For some of the more mature ladies out there, strands will be sent flying if you attempt any head flailing. Hair loss is a source of embarrassment for many women, but it occurs more than most realise. Here are a few of the common causes for thinning tresses.


The spawn you birthed has stolen everything from you. Other women were radiating angels, growing more beautiful as their cherub was formed by the hand of God. You looked in the mirror and saw your feet, swollen boats you haven’t seen for months over your bulging ball of pain. Sweaty nights were spent in agony, first it was your ribs, and then it was your illogical but insatiable desire for a big mac covered in anchovies. Pregnancy stole your skin elasticity, your ability to rationalise moods and now, your little blessing has stolen any hope of a solid night sleep. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the bags under your eyes dropping as low as your breasts, your luscious locks (one of the only pregnancy perks) begins to fall out by the handful. Post-pregnant and bald is a look you are not going to successfully pull off. Take heart tired woman, this is more common than you think. It’s just the unfortunate result of your hormones having a crazy party in your body (they are now hung-over). Like labour, this too shall pass.

I love my family. But I am not immune to our everyday stresses. And because of that, my hair falls out. That is the main reason why I cut my hair short.


6.00am and the harp tone heralds the dawning of another day. The alarm is greeted with seething anger as the warm rays streaming through your window feel more akin to knives viciously stabbing your retinas. The chirping birds sound like nails scraping on a chalk board and the hysterical scream of your newborn is almost the last straw. Mornings are a chaotic rush. Dress. Feed. Pack lunch. Clean. Dress again. Comfort child. Band-Aid bleeding child. Herd children into car. Makeup (just kidding, you don’t get to do that anymore). Drive. Turn around. Retrieve forgotten backpack. That’s a good morning, but only the beginning of your attempt at a superwoman life, trying to balance two jobs, a husband, your best friend’s marriage breakdown, the intrusive mother-in-law, a social life (ha!) and your adorably crazy children. You have contemplated purchasing an IV drip for caffeine and you have developed a little nervous twitch. Still, you stare in surprise as follicles falling into the palms of your hands is now a regular shower time ritual. It’s time to admit you are spinning too many plates. Luckily for you, stress related hair loss isn’t always permanent; but stay in denial about your non-existent super powers, and you’ll be shining your bald head before you know it.


The judgement stares got too much, no one understood your perfectly balanced diet of coffee, diet coke and the occasional take away meal. Unfortunately your new-and-improved diet of Slimfast shakes aren’t fooling anyone. You aren’t trying to lose weight, you just love the convenience of a meal in a cup. Your old eating habits were perfect for keeping your weight down anyway. It was a low everything diet, low carb, low sugar and unfortunately, low nutrition. The signs have been evident for a while; your skin is turning grey and flakey, your teeth are yellow and Pantene model hair is dull and falling out at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, your body has had enough and if you refuse to feed it nutrients, it is refusing to keep your hair. It’s your call where you want to sit on the spectrum of Pantene to Gollum, but if you plan on keeping some locks, it might be time to take a trip to the local farmer’s markets.

Naturally, there are more factors that contribute to women’s hair loss. For treatment advice talk to your local doctor or consult a hair rejuvenation specialist, see for a starting place.

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