Coming Home

Coming Home

Well, we are home today from a three-night vacation over at Lolo and Lola’s house. Time flies so fast when you are enjoying. Dindin was able to bond her uncle Buboy, whom she fondly calls “A-ku”, or Chinese for the “first brother of my mother.” But it stops at that because Buboy is my only brother. hehe

Buboy is going back to Manila this afternoon. But since we have to work for it is a Monday, we went home in the morning. While driving home around 10am, the sun is already searing so we turned on the car aircon and listened to some music. I already took a bath before we left the house but it is really hot inside the car.

We overtook a tow truck towing an old car and then I wondered where such roadside assistance is available. I know that Prudential Guarantee offers that but the tow truck has predominantly orange colors. I wonder if it was from Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade? Hmmm… I never really knew an outfit here in Bacolod City that offers towing. But I hope I would not need their services. hehe

Now back to the grind here people! Working mode starting now. hehe

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