Collecting Birthday Giveaways

Collecting Birthday Giveaways

PhotobucketWe have attended so many kiddie birthday parties already and we have all sorts of giveaways. Last July 23, we attended a couple of birthday parties in the same day so Dindin got a lot of loot. They were both first birthday celebrations so there were not many games yet because the celebrators were still babies.

The following Monday we also attended another birthday party but I was not able to take photos because I was just too stressed out that day. Dindin was also asleep half the time. But thankfully, she woke up just in time for the games. Below is a photo of her enjoying the confetti that fell off the pinata. I just grabbed this photo from a friend’s Facebook account. hehehe Thanks, Leah Faith!

Anyway, here are our greetings!
Happy Birthday to:
22 – Jam (1st Birthday)
23 – Perle (1st Birthday) and Ahya EJ (6th Birthday)
25 – Ahya David (5th Birthday)

God bless you all! 😀

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