Colds, Aspiration, and Muconase

Colds, Aspiration, and Muconase

Again, it is as if Dindin matured overnight.

This week, she was down with the colds. This is her third bout since she was born. Whereas in the past, wiping her nose or face, spraying her nostrils with Muconase, or aspirating her would be a real battle of wits, things changed this week.

Actually, on the first day of her colds, she was up in arms as we tried to get her to lie down and clean her nose. Even with just wiping her nose, she made a real fuss. And she can really raise hell. But on the second day, things changed. She allowed us to wipe her nose, even squeeze her nose to get the snot out. Then surprise of surprises, she lied down on the bed while we sprayed Muconase, massaged her nose and aspirated it. Yes, she complained but she did not resist the efforts. It happened, when after 1 nose cleaning session on the first day, I told her, “now you can breathe better because we cleaned your nose.” It was if she realized that the discomfort was temporary as compared to how good she would feel after the nose cleaning.

Since Tuesday, she allowed us to clean her nose without any problems. Praise God! 😀

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