Closer Together

Closer Together

It has been awhile now since I have last updated my entries. Dindin is now 16 months and 13 days old. She has already done so many things and can already say so many words.

But what I am going to write now is not about what she has achieved but how our relationship as mother and daughter has grown stronger over the past month.

I have realized that I had been too harsh in disciplining Dindin. Dennis has to remind me that she is still a baby and therefore is allowed to have some room to learn from her mistakes. And besides, she is allowed to be a baby. Since then, I asked God for more wisdom on how to deal with different situations–do I talk, punish, push her away, comfort her, or whatever.

I had been kinder towards Dindin and I am reaping great results. I tried to be more understanding about her needs, putting myself in her shoes. She knows I am her Mama and she knows that she needs me for many things. But she is more obedient now (and she had already been obedient before) and I can trust her with many things. Additionally, she looks at me differently now–such adoration and appreciation. And she has been eating quite well, too, as many of you know that is one problem that I have with her. Patience and more patience.

Dindin had already been very clingy in the past because more than anyone else, we spend much time together. But now, I can already pass her on to some people without resistance. This does not apply to everybody of course, but she has definitely improved. She is more trusting now. And she trusts now that if I leave her, I will come back for her.

Strange but the gentler I had been with her, the more that she has become disciplined, obedient, and cheerful. Although she had not been very fussy in the past (except when taking baths), she has improved as well in this area.

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