Clean Your Home After The New Year’s Party

Clean Your Home After The New Year’s Party

After the New Year fireworks have faded, it is time to clean up.

You wake up after the massive New Year’s Eve celebration and when you look around, your headache becomes even bigger. There is so much cleaning and tidying up to do that you simply can’t figure out how you’re going to do everything and not spend the whole next year cleaning the mess. It’s not actually that bad if you plan the cleaning process well. There are some tips that will definitely come in handy when you start cleaning your house after the party.

    1. Garbage First

Start the cleaning process by throwing all the rubbish away. After the celebration, it’s normal that there would be plenty of empty bottles, plastic glasses, wrappings, and all kinds of useless things that are spread around the whole house, making it look messier that it actually is. Collect all the garbage, place them in big trash bags, and throw them away immediately. There is immediate gratification in doing this. You will see how much better your place will look after you get rid of the trash.

    1. Washing

The next thing you have to do is wash the dirty dishes. Perhaps this is what will take up most of your cleaning time. But, of course, it’s essential to wash everything carefully. A big celebration normally leaves many dirty plates, glasses, cutlery, and kitchen ware. Some of them might be hard to clean, especially those pots and pans that you’ve cooked in and left dirty since the previous night. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks. Pour very hot water in all of the utensils and let them sit like this for about ten or fifteen minutes. The hot water will dissolve all the dirt and make it super easy to remove afterwards. While you’re waiting, use the time to wash the rest of the things that aren’t that dirty, for example – the glasses. If you have a dishwasher, rinse them with hot water and place them in there. When you’re ready, wash the utensils. If necessary, use a metal sponge.

    1. Furniture

So, now that you’ve successfully completed the most difficult steps, the next thing you have to do is clean the table and the rest of the furniture that might be dirty. Start with the dining table and clean it, using a special cleaning product that will maintain it as well. If there are too many stains of wine or food, you might want to clean it first with a wet cloth. Then use a cleaning product and a dry cloth to clean it carefully. Choose a cleaning product according to the material your table is made of. It makes a big difference if it’s a wooden or a glass table, for instance. Continue with dusting the rest of the furniture. If there are tough stains on your furniture, you might either want to call a professional cleaner like TenancyClean W6 who offer many cleaning services to do it for you (in case your furniture is delicate and you’re afraid of damaging it) or you can do it yourself, using special cleaning products.

    1. Floor

The last thing you have to do is clean the floor. Now that everything else is already clean, you’re definitely seeing its end. Vacuum or sweep the floor. Then mop it. The result will be even better if you mop it twice, to make sure that all grime and dirt and stickiness have been removed. Keep the windows open while you clean the floor to let fresh air in. Then you can spray your home using a nice fragrance.

There you’ve made your home look incredibly clean after the big New Year’s Eve party.

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