Christmas is a Special Time for a Child

Christmas is a Special Time for a Child

Dindin and her friend

Dindin and Gianna are hand in hand by silvery white Christmas trees at L’Fisher Chalet

Dindin must have a lot of good memories last Christmas that by July this year, she had started singing Christmas carols like “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “Jingle Bells.”

By September 1st, she woke up and just asked for her Christmas Hi5 video. And since then, she had been requesting for Christmas videos to be played–Christmas Wonder Pets, Christmas Barbie, Christmas Hi5, and Christmas Veggie Tales.

Christmas tree

Dindin finds the big Christmas tree at the Business Inn bedazzlin.

She also started greeting people “Merry Christmas.”

Today, after her children’s choir practice, we passed by Uni City to buy some Christmas decorations. We bought another small, two-feet Christmas tree worth P45, two strands of tinsel worth P27, and shiny red balls worth P60. For a little more than P100, we already made our little princess happy.

Putting up the tree

Putting up the Christmas tree in our room.

So tonight, we started decorating the tree. We wanted to do so till tomorrow so that her grandfather will be here, but she could not wait. Although, we left the stuff outside, she remembered that we bought a tree and wanted to get it. No matter how much I tried to distract her, her thoughts came back to the tree.

Finally, I gave her the tree. She kept on going around and around the room look for the “baubles.” That is how she calls the Christmas decors.

Putting Up the Tree

Papa and Dindin help each other out as they put up the tree.

When her Papa finally came up from the store, we decorated the tree and she was really happy. We also took out our old tree and put it up, so she has two Christmas trees. She is really proud of what she had done that when we took it out, she called the helper to show her “trees.”

Now, she is looking for her presents!

By the way, there are many nice Christmas decors online from Deals Direct. They are affordable and very nice, too!

Two Christmas trees

Christmas trees like these are very common in China goods stores and are very cheap. Dindin is already very happy with these. That is all that matters.

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  1. pepay

    weee..i love Christmas! hehe… it’s for the little ones and for the young at heart..hehe..

    1. mama Post author

      right! i too love Christmas! 😀 and i miss updating this blog. bhuhuhu

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