Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone!

Dindin woke up quite late because we slept late on Christmas eve. At 6pm, we went to the CORE for the TCF Christmas worship service. By 8pm, we were at Trinity Church for the mother church’s Christmas celebration. We had late snacks/dinner there so naturally we came home late. We were about to put her to sleep when her uncle Alvin and auntie Debby came over to give her Christmas presents. And also her Koko Gigi.

So anyway, the next day, she woke up around 10am. We greeted her a “Good morning” and “Merry Christmas” and our little princess responded happily. Then we put her on her floor mat where we already arranged our gifts for her.

We did not have a lot of budget for this year but we got her cheap presents from a thrift shop. We also gathered freebies and party giveaways and placed them all in her Christmas stocking and in a big open top box that I just wrapped with a red Christmas paper. We placed the stocking and box on either side of her sofa. Dindin’s eyes widened when she saw everything because she just woke up to a visual feast.

She sat on her sofa and grabbed the first thing that she saw: an inflatable Dora doll, which she really liked! And it only cost us P26.50. Ahhhh….the money that parents would pay in order to make their child happy. Thankfully, it did not cost much to make this child happy.

christmas photos

But because I was going to be godmother to a baptism at 11:30, we had to bathed Dindin hurriedly after taking this video and some photos of her. The rest of her gifts were opened in the afternoon.

Here is Dindin’s Christmas morning video. 😀

At dinnertime, we went to SM City and had pizza dinner at Yellow Cab. After that, we went around. We fitted some shoes and clothes in the nearby shops. And of course, Dindin got busy, too.

Shopping for shoes at Celine:

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  1. pepay

    kinuha niya mga sandals sa shelf…haha…kag nag takos… kabalo na gid…hehe…. and she likes dora! daw indi gid pag buy-an..hehehe…

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