Choosing the Right Leaders

Choosing the Right Leaders

We will never really know, right?

But a lot of people are already regretting their decisions for campaigning and subsequently voting for their leaders. They think that this person is okay because of his family background while other vote because of their family names. And others also like the platforms presented during the campaigns.

But it seems, somehow along the way, the good leaders that we have voted for are kinda affected with power.

Next year, we will be starting to see 2012 election stickers and posters. It will be a great reminder for us. And it depends on us, whether we want to make this as one big circus or an event that requires great responsibility.

The elections is not something that we should take lightly because our leaders affect the future of our children. Let us make wise choices, guided by our conscience and the wisdom of God, as we vote for our leaders.

And we can only pray to God that He will place righteous leader above us, those that fear the Lord above anything else.

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