Do you know what that is? I did not know what that was. But one time, Dindin kept saying it like a mantra until she cried because we could not understand her.

Then one time it hit us. We introduced her to the Disney character, Tinkerbell. I am not sure how, I think we saw a photo and just pointed it out to her that the name of the character was Tinkerbell.

Probably, Dindin was not clear with what she heard and thought that the fairy’s name was “Chinkaboo”. LOL She is sooo funny. She was really frustrated with us that we could not understand us. She must thought that “what is going with Mama and Papa. We were the ones who told me about Tinkerbell and now they don’t know her?” LOL

Anyway, now that we know what she meant, we tried to enunciate the name and now she says “Tinkerbell” as clear as day. haha And we are also watching Tinkerbell DVDs, too. 😀

One thought on “Chinkaboo

  1. joy

    kids most of the time has their own vocabulary, it is on how they understood things and fond of giving out names, my youngest son named one of our vehicles “broom-broom” because its his favorite ahihi

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