Children’s Choir Episode 2

Children’s Choir Episode 2

A lot of my avid readers know that Dindin has already started attending children’s choir in Trinity Church. So here is her second performance last Sunday. They only sang one song. This is funny. She knows the lyrics because she sings to this at home, but maybe it was too formal for her. LOL

Now they are preparing for the Christmas cantata. We are not sure if Dindin will join but we just let her attend the practices because she is really happy to be there. So, let’s wait and see. teehee No pressure from us. I think she will just be happy to wear a costume to church. haha

We just let her sing and dance because she loves to. We just try to provide her with the opportunities to express herself and we think that the children’s choir is one of the places that she could grow. 😀

One thought on “Children’s Choir Episode 2

  1. pepay

    ahahahaa…. at least pag tapos sing back to position kag clap..haha…

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