Chicharon and Daisies

Chicharon and Daisies

Yesterday, our Papa Dennis was eating Marty’s Cracklin’ vegetarian chicharon when Baby Dindin noticed what was going on. She then asked her Papa, “eat, eat” to which the Papa obliged by giving her one morsel at a time.

Then I joined it, so Dennis was now up against his queen and his princess in his share of Marty’s chicharon. Mama had the medium bite while Baby had the small bite. And then Papa had the big bite. Eventually, the demand was too much for Papa to bear that he no longer knew who he should serve first! hahaha

That was really funny. There was a point when both of us opened our mouths and he had a big serving in his hand. There was also a point when he had fished a small serving and I was the one who opened my mouth. hahaha

In the past, Papa also happened to be sitting at the dining table when I asked him something. I was on his left and then his princess popped her head to his right and asked him to do something as well. Sala-sala si papa namon! hahahaha

These are are some of our funny family encounters.

Anyway, this morning, Dindin got out of balance and then said, “Ooopsie daisy.” hahaha She heard it from hi5 but it is funny hearing her actually say that for the first time.

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