Cheerleadear for a Marble Race

Cheerleadear for a Marble Race

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and my husband gave me a very nice and heartfelt card. I think that the words written there were the sweetest and went straight to my heart. He gave it to me at midnight, before we retired for the night and Dindin was already asleep. The next day, while Dindin and I were bonding on the bed, I showed the card to her. I told her, “Din, this is the card that Papa gave to Mama.” She smiled and without batting an eyelash, said, “It’s beautiful!” When I opened the card, she gasped and said, “Wow!”
PhotobucketAwww…This baby never ceases to amaze me! Like me, she has also appreciated the card that Papa gave me. After I opened it, she took it from my hands and pretended to read it aloud and gave it back to me. hahaha You would really think that she did!

In the afternoon, Dindin and I set up the marble racer toy that her Khue Pe Oliver and Khue Bu Grace gave her during her 2nd birthday. Her ninong and ninang are in Cagayan de Oro City but they asked their sister here to get this for Dindin. Thank you very much! We do not open her toys at the same time but rather give it to her one by one. She still has a couple more of fun board games that we have not opened yet.
PhotobucketAs pictured above, Dindin likes assembling things and she really gets involved whenever we assemble something. At right, Dindin poses with her assembled marble racer. Ain’t this colorful?

Dindin enjoyed playing with it. It was as if her tummy was turning whenever she would see the marbles race after each other and you would not know which one would fall in the hole first. She would jump and cheer and we did this many times until it was almost about time to sleep. hehehe Sigh…a lovely time.

We just had to stop playing with the marble racer around 9:30pm because we still had to pack for our weekend getaway. Now, that is a different story. πŸ˜€

8 thoughts on “Cheerleadear for a Marble Race

  1. jannet

    ang sweet ni husband and your daughter looks like enjoying her colorful toys!
    You can also see my Colorful Weekend here! thanks!

  2. Stef

    Oh happy anniversary to you & your other half. That’s a really nice gesture from your hubby.
    I love the marble racer toy, unique!

  3. May

    First of all… Happy Anniversary! Your marriage is an inspiration despite being a young couple, as it is rooted in faith and love. Secondly, knowing so much about Dindin, I can imagine the melodrama behind her Wow. πŸ˜€ Adorable! Thirdly, awesome idea that you don’t give her toys all at once. With the rough and tumble kids that I have, toys rarely last very long. πŸ˜€ Whee for the marble racer! Lastly, thank you for coming to the Colorful Weekend #1 party!

  4. raya

    happy anniversary sis! wow so sweet of hubby to give you a very nice card.. and those of Dindin’s are so colorful! love it! sarap makipag laro! hahaha! thanks for the visit..

  5. Shengkay

    Sweet ni hubby..
    thats colorful nga baby Dindin

    Late visiting from Colorful Weekend! πŸ™‚ have a nice day!
    My Colorful Weekend

    thank you for joining Orange Tuesdays Mommy

  6. mommy-jheng

    Sweet ni hubby! Happy anniversary! Cheers to more years!

    My Colorful Weekend post is up here. πŸ˜€

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