Challenges in Health and Sickness

Challenges in Health and Sickness

Yesterday, Dennis was speaker in church. Almost always, when that happens, the week prior to that would be really topsy turvy. The last time he was speaker, Dindin climbed over her crib and fell on the floor.

Anyway this week, we had been really busy and problems over problems came. Dindin would cough from time to time but it was so sparse during the day and she was still very energetic that we thought it was nothing serious, probably just dry throat or because some saliva is getting in the way.

But last Thursday, she woke up early and started coughing. Then we heard a wheezing sound because it was a really dry cough. Was she having an asthma attack? But she doesn’t have asthma! It was around 7am already so we called up her doctor and she said to immediately bring Dindin to Riverside Medical Center and have her nebulized. I am not sure if this is the right thing to call it. haha Anyway, we rushed to the hospital, which is thankfully only 5 minutes from the house. It happened that our car was at the shop so we had to borrow Papa’s car. Dennis just got the key cause Papa was still asleep.

Dindin was administered two nebules because she really had a lot of phlegm. Then we were sent home with a prescription for Ventolin (Salbutamol) and Amoxiclav (Co-amoxiclav), an anti-biotic. The doctors there ruled out asthma, as it is could just be bacterial infection that got worse. They say asthma doesn’t just happen, but it could build up.

Anyway, it has been 5 days since she took her meds but we can still hear a lot of phlegm in her chest. So we went to the doctor today and her pediatrician extended her medication for two more days. So we are praying for the best and for her speedy recovery. We are just thankful that she is still very energetic but her food intake has really lessened as she throws up because of the phlegm.  Whatever weight she gained in one month, she lost in 2 days.

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