Ceelin Syrup for Better Immunity

Ceelin Syrup for Better Immunity

Dindin and a bottle of Ceelin syrup from Unilab. 😀

We are now on the last quarter of the year and during this time, many respiratory illnesses arise because of the weather. They say that the wind is blowing from a different direction than the rest of the year and it brings with it a lot of elements that usually stir up allergies. The weather is also colder and people in temperate countries like the Philippines are not ready for it.

And this is especially prevalent among school age children because they are still not very keen on their sanitizing ways and well, their immunity is not yet fully developed.

That is the reason why we need to boost our children’s immune system in order to prevent them from getting infected with common diseases, especially in school. After all, more sick days mean more absences in school. Additionally, their growth and development are also hampered.

One good way to boost their immunity is to give them Ceelin Syrup, which is ascorbic acid that has been made fortified with the addition of the element zinc. I give it to Dindin once a day to keep her protected–5ml per dose is all it takes. She likes the taste so there is no problem giving it to her. Giving Ceelin Syrup along with a healthy diet and multivitamins will help keep sicknesses like cough and common colds away.

Our pediatrician also recommended Ceelin Drops for baby Shane but I have yet to get one for her. I am not so concerned about Shane because she is breastfed and I know that she has a strong immune system.

Always make sure that you have Ceelin Syrup on stock at home and keep giving it to your children everyday for protection against common ailments.

Thank you Unilab for Dindin’s one-month supply of Ceelin Syrup.

16 thoughts on “Ceelin Syrup for Better Immunity

  1. Mary Joy

    All my kids took Ceelin drops and syrup eversince they was born. I always make sure that Ceelin will stay them away from illnesses because its hard when baby got sick. I felt pity on them.

  2. Maria May Ochea

    YES! That’s my son’s vitamins also. Very effective & affordable. Hindi sya sakitin & ganado din syang kumain. 🙂

  3. maricris abarabar

    Ceelin din vitamins ng 2 kids ko. Hiyang sila especially my 7 yr old daughter, need talaga nya vitamin C lalo ng-aaral sya d natin alam baka my sipon or ubo ibang classmate nya mahawa sya and then ung weather paiba iba

  4. Sheryl An Mungcal

    Ceelin drops din ang baby ko,. tska maganda tlga ng product ng Unilab especially sa vitamins ng baby,.

  5. MariChuy

    My eldest son loves ceelin chewable 🙂 unfortunately my youngest one don’t like 🙁 even the syrup.

  6. yna yns (@yns023)

    Yes, Ceelin is really effective my nephew got sick easily before but when he started drinking Ceelin, He rarely got sick. And a plus to ceelin is my nephew likes its taste not like other vitamins that we need to run after him just to force him to drink it hahaha

  7. elinor semira

    My little girl used to take Ceelin syrup when she was 2 years old but currently she is taking Ceelin chewables.

  8. Theresa Cruz-Escaros

    My son is also taking Ceelin Plus. He really likes how it tastes, so I have no problems with making him take his daily vitamins.

  9. Leizle Demaisip

    Mas prefer ko yung Ceelin chewables kc ang hirap painumin ng mga kids ko ng syrup 🙂

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