Cebu Chronicles: Spending Time with Relatives

Cebu Chronicles: Spending Time with Relatives

Cebu is my husband’s country. Mama hails from Cebu although she studied here in Bacolod City. Most of Mama’s siblings (2 brothers and 4 sisters) and their families are here. My husband studied here at the University of San Carlos-TC (I thought it meant Talamban Campus because USC is located in Talamban, but it wasn’t) and finished his degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering there.

This was the first time that my husband’s relatives saw our daughter and they all said that Dindin looks much like Dennis. Okay, I just kept quiet. hahaha I hear that pretty often.

Dindin is a friendly baby, saying hi or hello to strangers and waving her hands, but when a friend or family member comes to her, she would shy away. She must think that in order for someone to get close to her, she has to be comfortable with that person first by spending time with her. She doesn’t want to be carried by anyone else or kissed and hugged if she thinks that person has not earned the right to do that. haha Imagine that.

But anyway, she did warm up to relatives and we had a great time with them. When we arrived in Cebu, Dennis’ uncle/cousin prepare dinner for us at their home. The next day, we had lunch at a restaurant called Hukad at the Ayala Center Mall.


In the afternoon, we went around Ayala and bought Dindin a golden wig that she refuses to wear. We also went to Hannah’s, our aunt’s party needs store. Before going home, we had bought some bread at Bread Talk! Oh how I miss their breads! I ate a lot of Bread Talk breads when I was in Singapore. hehe I especially like their floss breads.

Malling at Ayala..

In the evening, we treated by another aunt and her family at the Cafe George. Don’t ask me the location. They have great food at a rather affordable price. Big servings, too. And the place is lovely and the crowd is good. The cousins told the waitress that Dennis will be celebrating his birthday and we got a yummy slice of their classic chocolate cake for free.

After dinner, we went back to Ayala again because another cousin treated us to gelato at Gelatissimo. It was already late but Dindin gamely joined us and waited until we got home to sleep.


Today, we are already here at the Crown Regency Suites (Tower 1) enjoying 5 star accommodations, courtesy of another cousin. We are checked in here for the night. The freebies that come with our stay here is the use of the gym and the pool. We went swimming for only 20 minutes. We thought Dindin did not like the cold water, but when we left she cried “Swimming!” I guess she was also having fun by simply clinging on to us. We left hastily because the smell of solvent or paint was seeping inside the pool area and I don’t want Dindin to catch anything, so we left and continued swimming in the warm water of our bathtub inside the room. There Dindin enjoyed the bubbles. hehe

Here is Dindin swimming on the bed.

When my husband and I went here for our honeymoon, we also stayed in the adjoining hotel called Club Ultima or Tower 2. Now that we have Dindin, we were also able to stay here again.

We are so thankful to God that we have such kind relatives in Cebu who made our first family trip very memorable. Thank you so much everyone! πŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “Cebu Chronicles: Spending Time with Relatives

  1. Maricar

    Spending time in Cebu is really special… God Bless them for giving so much welcome and love whenever we visit πŸ˜€
    ang swimming on the bed video? di ko ka view πŸ™

  2. pepay

    i miss cebu!!! nice nice πŸ˜€ as always… no surprise…libre :D… hehe… na lingaw si badin sg bed nang..haha… gna enjoy niya gid ang higda nya.. hihi… tapos ang sa ayala mall.. may paparazzi ga sunod cya..haha.. daw wave2 pa cya..hehe…

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