Cebu Chronicles: Dindin’s First Plane Ride

Cebu Chronicles: Dindin’s First Plane Ride

We are now in Cebu. I woke up really early so I decided to open the computer and blog about our trip.

I was kinda stressed yesterday because Dindin got so clingy. She knew we were going and riding on an airplane and she did not want to be left behind. So she kept on following me, wanting to be carried around, just in case, you know, I forgot to bring her. She was so excited to go that she even got her Papa’s shirt and kinda hinted that he changed his clothes already as we were already leaving.

As we were about to leave, she pooped on her Huggies diaper–her 2nd for the day! Poof! There goes my P11 something. hehe

She slept on the way to the airport and woke up when we got there. At the check in, she was stoic, but when were about to leave, she said “Bye!” in a very loud voice to the guys at the check in counter. We went upstairs to buy Bacolod pasalubong from Merci pasalubong and also our snacks and water, as we all know that we cannot bring our own water at the airport.

At the pre-departure, Dindin just sat down while we ate. Then after awhile, she started going around, facing up to the waiting passengers, and saying “Hi.” She really brought smiles to the bored people’s faces. I am not sure if she got to where Tirso Cruz III and his wife were sitting.

Eventually, she found a friend. The little boy, who was the age of her Ahya EJ, was also very playful. He had some squeaky toys with him and Dindin got interested. Dindin said, “Share” and he did. But he did not just share, he started giving his toys to Dindin one by one. His parents got worried and told him, “hiram lang.” But he kept on giving them away. But Dindin would also return them all, keeping only the carrot squeaking toy.

They ran around, giggled, and played peek-a-boo. Finally, Dindin wanted to return the carrot toy, but it was really given to her so we brought it with us. hihi She gained a friend and got a toy. So who said Dindin was antisocial?

On board, Dindin was just fine, even when the lights were turned off. We don’t scare her about the dark, so she is really comfortable staying and even playing in a dark room. My mama in law told me to cover Dindin’s ears during take off, but she fussed so we let her be.

It was a small plane and the landing was rough so Dindin gagged. Thankfully, she was able to suppress throwing up and she was good when the running became smooth as we approached the tarmac.

When we got to the Arrival area, I put her on stand by conveyor belt in order to fix my things. I put her there because I knew she would only run around there and not everywhere if ever I would put her on the floor.

Our uncle/cousin fetched us at the airport. Dindin slept all the way to home of Papa’s relatives here in Cebu. When we got here, she saw that 3-chim po and 3chiak kong were also here. She kept closing her eyes and did not want to join in the meal. Eventually, she warmed up and played until midnight.

This is Day 1.


3 thoughts on “Cebu Chronicles: Dindin’s First Plane Ride

  1. pepay

    kabalo na si din2 mag socialize..and pwde na gid ka travel… la ga bisyo…hehe.. saja.. 😀

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  3. Maricar

    kita ko na boots, ksadya sang outfit nya 😀 tni indi pa na mag gutok sa ila ni meimei ang mu na pra magpuli kmi da, the girls can have their “peach” day 🙂

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