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Blog Makeover

Thanks to Mommy Ruby of Caffeinated Muse, Lovingly Mama finally got its much needed make over. I did the header and my sidebar but it was Ruby who placed everything in my blog. And she worked very fast. If I did it myself, it would probably take me a whole day and still not finish

My Little Flower Girl

Flower Girl Dindin By this time, Dindin is already 1 year and 7 months. When we were planning for her godfather Oliver’s wedding several months ago, we thought that by the time of the event, Dindin would be older and wiser and would be more inclined to obey instructions as flower girl. Preparations It’s more


When Dindin was sick, she had to take Hi-bee, a bee propolis food supplement. During these times, she also watched a lot of the Australian children’s show, Hi-5. One time, I was preparing her meal and so I asked her, Mama: Din, what are you going to eat? Dindin: Hi-fish. *** After her dede: Dindin: