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Swimming in the Garden

No pool? No problem. Swim in a basin! Our family’s swimming plans yesterday did not push through because of a wonderful change in our plans. So we thought of going out today. Change of Plans But we had another change of plans. You see, last night, I had a hard time putting Dindin to sleep. I

Jared’s Contest

Jared is holding a contest with summerific prizes. We really like the inflatable pool because I have been wanting to buy a smaller one for Dindin’s multicolored balls. But then because of budget constraints and it is not a need, I put it aside. But I would really love to win this one. So mommies,

Remembering My Nanay

This is my Nanay, my daughter Dindin, and myself. Three generations of girls in the family. She is quite young because she got married at 17 and had me when she was 18. Those were the times when women marry early. My Nanay may not be a perfect person, but she has loved us in