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Jollitown Birthday Party with an All-Star Cast

We attended a birthday party last week with the Elmo theme. It was held in a rented venue but little did we know that they invited guest entertainers. And these were the entire cast of Jollitown! Yep! Jollibee and his friends Popo, Yum, Hetty, and Twirlie were present. The kids, especially Dindin, were very happy.

If You Love Your Family

I got this from my husband’s Facebook profile. He just shared it from another friend’s profile and I like it so I would like to share it here. Fri(END) Boyfri(END) Girlfri(END) Bestfri(END) Everything has an END Except… … Fam(ILY) <= it has (I LOVE YOU) Need I say more? ********** Happy Birthday Papa!