Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

Dindin would often assign character names to us based on what she saw on her videos. Some are just, well, a figment of her imagination.

From Barbie Fairy Secret:
Doctor Barbie – Mama
Fairy – Dindin

From Elmo:
Super Glover – Papa
Rosita – Dindin
Elmo – Mama (whaaaaat?)

From Hi5:
Tim – Papa
Kathleen – Mama
Charli – Dindin

If we are animals:
Zebra – Papa
Elephant – Dindin
Butterfly – Mama

If we combine Hi5 and animals:
Tim Zerbra – Papa
Charli Elephant – Dindin
Kathleen Butterfly – Mama

And oh, Manang Salvie is a mermaid while Tatay is a special friend. Gets?

The problem is, I get confused with all our roles that I sometimes forget. And then Dindin would remind me.

4 thoughts on “Cast of Characters

  1. pinky

    hahahha..elmo ka boots?!!..amuna ka ting ngil imo voice? “lalala lallala elmo’s world

  2. Papa

    There is also:
    Papa: King
    Mama: Queen
    Dindin: Ballerina
    This is where Manang Salvie comes in as Mermaid

    A new one (also from Hi-5):
    Papa: Nathan
    Dindin: Jup Jup
    Mama has not been casted yet

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