Can’t Keep Up

Can’t Keep Up

Baby, Mama can’t keep up with posting everything that you are saying! LOL

Well yesterday, we were going down the stairs while I was carrying Dindin. After the second flight of stairs, my bag started to slide down my left shoulder. Dindin noticed it and said,

Dindin: Guba … bag si Mama…

hhaha She is already speaking in Ilonggo. She must have thought that because it is no longer in position, the term to use is “guba” or “ruined.” haha


Today, Dindin asked me to get her bubble container. Then she kept telling her Papa, “What’s Dindin doing?” Dennis did not understand her for while, but then he got it that she wanted him to ask her. So Papa asked, “What’s Dindin doing?”

Dindin replied happily, “I am blowing bubbles.”

Sometimes she would say, “I am writing.” or “Dindin is eating.” She is really trying to describe what she is doing for a better narrative. Keep it up, Baby! 😀 Mama is truly proud of you!

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