Buy Diamond Jewelry for Family Heirloom

Buy Diamond Jewelry for Family Heirloom

Diamond jewelry are great items to pass on to our children. It doesn’t matter if we have girls or boys. We can give them to our daughters but we can also use them as betrothal gifts when our sons get married someday. That is what my mother-in-law did. My sisters-in-law and I got diamond sets from her. She gave them as wedding gifts.

In my case, I love jewelry. If I can afford it, I would regularly buy diamond earrings for women or a bracelet. Or a pendant perhaps. And since I have a daughter, it would be really nice to give it to her someday.

The problem though is just the design. Some designs can become outdated. So it is better to choose the more classic designs that your daughter or future daughter-in-law would also like to wear someday. There are really timeless pieces that never go out of style.

And store them in a secure place, like in the bank vault or a locked cabinet so that it is safe.

2 thoughts on “Buy Diamond Jewelry for Family Heirloom

  1. odette

    Hi Siggy,
    My mom does the same! She collects jewelry and plans to give them as heirloom to her grandchildren someday. Well, of course I am a frequent beneficiary 🙂

    Nice idea. My mom actually bought gold bars for the kiddos. They are in the bank vault too, hehe!

    1. mama Post author

      wow! gold bars! i have been reading about those frequently and i am really curious where you buy them? where did ur mom buy the bars? and would you mind, how much is one?not that i can afford it yet. LOl but who knows right?

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