Building Structures

Building Structures


Building a city with Dindin.

One of our favorite activities at home is building. We have a collection of many puzzle shapes that we make into things. We like building cities complete with hospital, church, city hall, plaza, factory, restaurant, and school.

Then Dindin and I would take out her little dolls and accessories and little cars and pretend living in the city. Sometimes we make a castle and pretend that we have prince and princesses going around, doing their royal duties.

It is fun doing this and it is also like my therapy to build things. I cannot be idle so even when I am resting, I need to do something. LOL This is part of our playtime fun. 😀

3 thoughts on “Building Structures

  1. Shengkay

    waaahhhh…so colorful..siepmre gustong gusto ng mga bata yun..napaisip tuloy ako kong tama ba yung ginagawa ko kay Iris..i bought her lego din..pero siguro kasi 1 and 5 months pa lang sya..hindi yun ang hilig nya..she prefers mag buklat buklat ng book..

    1. mama Post author

      oo encourage her muna to explore and what to do. give her choices, too 😀

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