Building Sentences

Building Sentences

Dindin’s skill in making sentences is improving.

Today, we prepared to go downstairs at the store. Then I told Dindin, “Okay, let’s go.” When I carried her, she pointed to my shirt and said, “Mama…is…wearing…bayo.”

Wow! Four words now. Last time it was three. She said it one word at a time, probably thinking of the best way to express her thought. And she did well!

Also, I was sitting here in front of the computer opening someone’s Facebook profile. It is a person unfamiliar to Dindin. After awhile, Dindin asked to sit on my lap. When I did, she asked, “Who’s that?” haha

Funny, I already have another person in the room whom I can talk to.

Last night, she turned her sofa upside down and stood on it. I told her, “No, baby, your chair will be destroyed. Turn the chair and just sit on it.” Dindin then hurriedly turned the chair again and just sat on it. She understand instructions! And that wasn’t simple.

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