Building a House for a Princess

Building a House for a Princess

Princess Puzzle House

A house for a princess made of puzzle pieces

One of our favorite activities in the house is to build stuff using blocks, puzzle pieces, and whatever things we can gather (such as empty Berocca canisters.)

Papa made this house for Princess Daisy and he painstakingly pieced the puzzle together to form this. He studied how to make the bottom part be able to sustain the weight of the upper layers. When he presented it to Dindin, he announced, “Here’s your princess’ house!” To which, Dindin dryly replied, “It’s a bathroom.”

Waaa She must have thought that the puzzle pieces looked like bathroom tiles! LOL Silly baby!

6 thoughts on “Building a House for a Princess

  1. Pepay

    Bwahahahaha… She knows how a princess’ house looks like..indi pwd joke2 nga house… Haha..saja..

  2. Papa

    actually, it was not dryly. It was still filled with delight…. I guess she thinks the bathroom is pretty.

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