Bubbles and Giggles

Bubbles and Giggles

My baby loves Bubbles. She has learned to says “Bubbles” a long time ago already so she knows how to ask us to play with bubbles.

Recently, we realized that after lunch, she would ask to be taken out of her high chair. Then she would go to the kitchen where her Manang Salvie would be eating or washing dishes. Dindin would wait until Salvie is done and she would tell Salvie, “Salvie, bubbles.” haha She really knows what she wants and she asks for it.

So Salvie would take her to the laundry area either to blow bubbles or to watch while the washing machine is spinning and making bubbles or to look at the bubbles from the laundry that is being rinsed.

From time to time, we also bring her bubble making gun or bottle or horn when we go out either in the garden or the lagoon. Here, she is really enjoying her bubble time with Papa.

For Dindin, Bubbles = Giggles!

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