This is the second time this year that Dindin attended DVBS. But this time, it is the one held at the Bacolod Trinity Christian School, our mother church.

I did not go with Dindin on the first three days because I had work to do and it was Manang Salvie who kept her company. They even went home riding a jeepney. My baby is growing up and coping with the times. Nyahaha

Anyway, every afternoon, Dindin would excitedly get dressed to “go to school.” And whenever she would come home, she would excitedly come to me. When I would ask her if she had fun, she would say “It was fun.” Or she would say, “I am happy.”

On the first day, I asked her, “What did you learn today?” And she replied, “Big, big Jesus!” I was impressed. Then I asked her, “Did you sing? What did you sing” Then Dindin would sing to me, “Jesus loves me yes I know for the bible tells me so…” hahaha Wow, I was really impressed! Truly, Dindin was attending DVBS and is learning. But when her Koko came home, I asked her what their lesson was and she said “Obedience.” And they also sang different songs. So where did Dindin get all the stuff she answered to me?

And today, I learned the answer. Dindin was making things up because she was not actually attending the lesson. Their class was held at the toddler’s room and all she did was play, from the time they got there to the time they went home. But yeah, from time to time, her teacher would ask her about the pictures in their storybook and she would answer, but she never really sat down to listen. Sigh…Dindin had me fooled! LOL But at least, she told me things related to the bible. If she answered me about math or science, then surely, that would really keep me wondering.

And oh, every day, I would ask Dindin what she learned and she would say these:
Day 1: Big, big Jesus.
Day 2: Very big, big Jesus.
Day 3: Very big, big, big Jesus.

Each time, she will just add a word to what she learned. LOL And she would consistently answer this every time people would ask her. I wondered where she got the idea!

Silly Time
Here is one silly time conversation with Dindin.
“Hi, I’m Barney! Hi, I’m BJ! Hi, I’m Baby Bop! And together, we’re Hi5!” hahahaha We really laughed because she combined two shows! This is just one of her silly moments. And she really knows that she is silly. haha

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