Brushing Mama’s Hair

Brushing Mama’s Hair

Dindin has always been a sympathetic and compassionate child. I remember that when her cousin Meimei was still struggling to roll over on her stomach and to crawl, she would look at her with meaningful eyes and produce gurgling sounds while waving her hands, as if to encourage Meimei to just continue. When they were younger, she would not look at the camera when their picture was being taken because she would put her arms around Meimei as if to say “This is my baby cousin.”

She is also very sympathetic to animals. She would cry when animals in her videos are hurt or are struggling.

One of our favorite bonding moments is when she is playing on the bed and I would just brush her hair (even if there are not too many hairs on her head). She may also be bottle feeding just lying there and I would brush her hair. At first, she would also take the brush after a while and brush her hair. But since last week, she would take the hair brush and instead brush my hair, especially the wisps of hair that are sometimes hanging loosely over my face. She would do it lovingly, sometimes with cooing sounds and a very pretty smile.

Sigh…my baby is becoming more and more independent and mature.

P.S. We are now using Kinder Care hairbrush because the 1st Years Hair Brush is too soft now for her growing hair. I guess even baby brushes have to evolved.

dindin brushing her hair

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