Bruises on the Knees and Shin

Bruises on the Knees and Shin

Just when her bruises on the knees and shin heal and I get ecstatic, a new one always comes along. Grrr! When will this end?

It is just that Dindin is very active–dancing, jumping, running, climbing at any given time of the day that she is prone to fall down, scrape her knee, bump her shin, or whatever in the most unimaginable ways. Add to these injuries are insect bites that seem to love leaving their marks on Dindin’s skin and her legs always have brown or reddish markings on them.

By the way, I use the Chinese cream called BL and it seems to be effective in lightening the marks, especially if these are news ones. So I always have a container handy as I seem to always need it for Dindin. It costs between P30 to P35 depending on where you buy it. The cheapest is at the Traditional Chinese Medicine store at the 2nd Floor of Robinsons Place. If not, Hua Kong sells them for P35. It smells good, too. Too bad though that it only comes in that one small size because I always have to buy more.

We are now playing here inside the bedroom where it is peaceful and quite because we just observed Earth Hour and we kinda just extended it. We turned on the air con much later and I just turned on my laptop computer. But then suddenly I remember the people in Japan, especially those who had Offshore Accident due to the calamities that hit them recently. God bless Japan and may they recover quickly from this unfortunate happening.

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