Bout with All Kinds of Allergies

Bout with All Kinds of Allergies

I have a lot of allergies while growing up. And even until now, if I go out and get exposed in the sun, my skin would have itchy and red breakouts for several days to weeks. I am just thankful that Dindin has not taken after me. We have prayed so hard that Dindin will not have allergies and asthma, because my father has asthma and it can be hereditary.

But if there is one thing that Dindin is allergic to, that is insect bites, whether mosquito, ants, or any other blood sucking insect. She experiences anaphylactic shock, where the area of the insect bite gets red, then swollen, then infected and would eventually have pus in the middle. It can get scary especially if she has several bites at a given time. In the past, we would endure sleepless night because she would feel really itchy and toss and turn in bed until we found out that we could just give her oral anti-allergy medicines and then the swelling would immediately subside. That is why I hate insects that bite the skin!

But we thought that giving her oral medicines would have other side effects and we sought for other topical skin allergy medications. We have not really gone to an allergologist because we have not found one around the vicinity, unlike in Austin. There are many allergy doctor austin that you can ask for help.

What we have tried in the past: Cortisan (corticosteroid) for swelling, Calmoseptine or Mopiko for anti-itch, and Bactroban (anti bacterial) when the bite becomes a wound and gets infected. But now what we use are Blue Miracle (antiseptic) and then BL (for anti itch). When I notice a red bump on her skin, I immediately apply Blue Miracle on the area and then wipe it off to remove the sting or venom of the bite. Then I apply another layer of Blue Miracle and allow it to dry. That will have to kill the bacteria that was embedded on the skin. When the Blue Miracle is dry, I would then apply BL, a Chinese cream that can be bought in Chinese drugstores like Hua Kong here in Bacolod City.

This process seems to be effective because at least the bites no longer swell so big and no longer get infected.

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