Bouncing on a Trampoline

Bouncing on a Trampoline

My husband and I together with our couple friends bought a trampoline for business purposes. We are renting it. We are the second to offer trampoline for rent here in Bacolod City.

I think that this is good exercise not only for Dindin but also for me. But when I tried it, it felt like my brains were bouncing inside my skull! Ack! It seems that the impact is not good for my head. I said it is a high impact exercise but my husband says that it is supposed to be a low impact exercise. So I dunno, it feels high impact to me. haha But this is good for Dindin as it strengthens her and keeps her fit.

I am also thinking of buying like a big giant toy truck for Dindin (if not rent it) eventually. I would like her to get a feel of driving a truck, even if it is just a toy. Then she could use those gadgets that look like which truck gps to simulate the real thing. I really would like her to experience many things because that would just contribute to her learning. So whatever we can afford and whatever is free, we will do it! haha

8 thoughts on “Bouncing on a Trampoline

  1. Vhen

    wow, have not tried it yet. but im sure my daughter would love that too.

    how much is trampoline?

  2. Jean Ortega

    Hi! Is trampoline big in Bacolod? You mentioned you are the second to rent out trampolines, who was the first to rent out? How much is your rental? Thanks 😉

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      Yes in Bacolod. But we’re no longer renting it out. We want to be able to sell it though.

  3. Chery

    Hi I’m planning to rent a trampoline for my son’s birthday party. I’m wondering how much it cost.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      We are selling it for P19k only, which includes the wooden crate that was made to store it 😀

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