Blowing Bubbles in the Sand Box

Blowing Bubbles in the Sand Box

Two of Dindin’s favorite activities are to play outdoors (this time in her sandbox) and blow bubbles. She absolutely loves bubbles, small or big. That is why we have a number of bubble making contraptions…haha…okay, bubble making toys. But we don’t have the really big ones and the electric one. haha So our collection is not that complete.

Anyway, yesterday morning, Papa and Dindin played by the sand box. Oh, correction, only Dindin was in the sand box while Papa was sitting outside. She would play in the sand box from time to time (which means when Mama has the time).

And because it was a Sunday yesterday, Papa joined us and he operated our battery operated bubble blower.

We like doing these things on Sunday mornings. We don’t take a bath yet so that we can just get dirty. Just happy to be with my hubby and daughter every Sunday morning bonding together.

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