Big and Colored Hair

Big and Colored Hair

colored wigs

Colorful wigs for Dindin.

Thanks to the popularity of the cosplay, we now have these cheap colored wigs. Yes, cheap. Made of materials that is the same as the hair on a cheap doll, you can get one of these at P80. They were quite common at Star City and so we got one for Dindin. I wanted the pink one but she preferred the blue one. She gamely wore it the whole time since we bought it and till we got home. The tiara is from her A-ku Iman.

If I had somewhere to put them in, I would have bought several kinds in different colors because these wigs might come in useful in the future and I do not really know where to get them in Bacolod. I haven’t seen these wigs before!

7 thoughts on “Big and Colored Hair

  1. jared's mum

    those are really fab looking wigs + my, aren’t they cheap! Sigh, the wonder of having a little girl, it’s like having a real doll you can play dress up with at a whim! ^_^

    these are perfect for birthday parties + Halloweens! 😀

  2. Pepper Tan

    So, Dindin’s going to be a cosplayer… She’s going to give that Gosengfiao lady a run for her money 😉

  3. tatess

    She is so cute with the colored hair. That is good to hear that this wig is now can be bought in a very reasonable price.

  4. streaming servers

    She looks so cute. I miss playing dress up like when i was a kid. Ya’ll must have so much fun with that.

  5. Reviews

    Very Cute and Fun. Dressing up when I was little was so much fun. How lucky you are to be able to see your little oneplay as you might have when you were her age.

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