Bible Characters

Bible Characters

Dindin loves to read that sometimes I think we are not spending enough time reading.

Anyway, from time to time, we take out her Bible Story Book. This was where she first learned her first prayers. She also learned here that Jesus lives in her heart.

I think about a couple of weeks ago, or earlier, my husband started her on identifying the different names of the people in the bible. Of course, they do not look like that because the picture story books is just a representation, but it would be nice if she can relate the names to the stories in the bible through the pictures.

So we start with Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac, Moses, Joshua and Jericho, David and Goliath, King Solomon, Daniel and the Lions, Baby Jesus, and then Mary and Joseph. The other night they were reading, and this is what happened:

Papa: (Pointing to a picture) Mary…like A-ma’s name, Mary. (her grandma)

Dindin: (removing Papa’s finger and pointing it on the guy) Like AngKong.

Hahahaha Dindin thought that if Mary mother of Jesus was like her Grandma, then Joseph must be like her AngKong (her grandpa).

Deductive reasoning in place again. hehe

By the way, below was the first prayer that Dindin learned. She can memorize this. This is a paraphrase of the book of Nehemiah 8-9 and is found in her bible book, entitled “My Little Bible Board Book” that we bought at either the PCBS or Toys R Us when Dindin was still a baby:

“Thank you God, for looking after us in good times and bad times. Thank you for being faithful to us, thank you for being kind.”

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  1. Pepper

    It’s good that Dindin loves to read. You are a proud mom, I can tell 🙂

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