Benefits of the McDonalds Kiddie Crew Training

It’s summer once again and as a homeschooling family, we take advantage of the summer activities offered once the summer break has started for the regular school year.

We plan these activities based on their schedules, their fees, what they can offer to our child, their proximity to our home, and Dindin’s interests, and capacities for her age.

Dindin listening intently to the facilitator on the first day. So excited to be in this class.

Last year, a friend of mine encouraged me to let Dindin join the McDo Kiddie Crew Training because they were allowing participants as young as 4 years old. Dindin was already 5 years old then, but I thought that she was still too young and opted to wait another year. And I am happy that I did.

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At 6 years old (just a couple of weeks ago), she is now more responsible in taking care of herself. And we are glad that we let her join the Kiddie Crew because of the many benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Cost. For a summer activity that lasts two hours a day for five days, the McDo Kiddie Crew only costs P595 and the registration includes a shirt, cap, ID, bag, apron, chef’s hat, daily supplies for the activities, and snacks. The program runs f0r 10 weeks so if your child wants to do it again, you can enroll him or her again for another week before the summer ends and it will not make a dent on your budget.

2. Gaining new friends. The composition of a class is varied. There were 24 students in Dindin’s class and these are kids of different ages. Dindin was able to make new friends and was also happy to find that two of her former classmates in kinder school were also there. It was a fun time for Dindin to meet new friends younger and older than her. And she is also more patient with those younger than her.

Despite being homeschooled, Dindin is a team player. Pictured here with her team and Teacher Jubelyn at the Drive Thru.
Dindin with her teammates. Those who were about the same age were grouped together.

3. Fun activities. The sessions opened with discussions about topics relevant to being a kiddie crew, such as team work and hard work. Then the kids had crafts. For the second half, they were assigned a station at the McDonalds store. For Din’s first day, she was a greeter as the lobby. On the second day, she took orders at the drive thru. On the third day, she was at the front counter. It will be her fourth day tomorrow. In all these, she learned how things were done at McDonalds, which makes me believe that she will never see going to McDo the same way again.

They have arts and crafts, like creatively painting this bag.
Dindin takes part in the practice for their theme song.

4. Responsibility. The kids were taught about work and how to actually do them. The older kids were tasked to serve the younger ones with their snacks at the end of the sessions while everyone was told to throw away their trash and clean their tables before leaving. They were also checked if they were wearing their complete uniforms each day.

5. Learning new skills. Since the kids were assigned to different stations, they learned how things were done. These may be simple tasks for us but in the mind of a child, these are already big accomplishments.

Dindin taking orders at the Drive Thru of McDonalds Bacolod Lacson branch.
Dindin takes her responsibilities seriously. Here she is greeting customers as they came in.

6. Reinforces faith. Before they start, before they eat, and before they end, prayers were being said. We like that.

Each day, I go with Dindin and take pictures so that she will remember what she did. And I think that my being there makes her feel that I support her in this endeavor. That is very important.

I am also very thankful to the staff for being so accommodating especially that we bring along the little one in her official McDo Kiddie crew shirt each day. She is so enthusiastic about the activities that when she reaches the right age, we will enroll her, too. For now, it was worth buying her a t-shirt worth P100.

Dindin’s sister Shane also comes with us each day. Here she is flanked with two of Dindin’s classmates.

With all the benefits of being a McDo Kiddie Crew, we will definitely let Dindin join again next year if she wants to. It is a big help for homeschooling in Bacolod families like us to have extra-curricular activities like these.

Note: I am not paid to endorse the McDonalds Kiddie Crew training. But I saw the benefits of letting Dindin join so I am writing about our experience.


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