Don’t forget to
waterproof your basement

While doing everything they can to increase the value of their home is at the forefront of most homeowner’s minds, waterproofing the basement is most likely not. However, this can be one of the best ways to upgrade your home. Here are some of the top benefits to expect when waterproofing the basement.

waterproofing the basement
Waterproof your basement the right way.

Increase Home Value

As previously mentioned, waterproofing increases the home value. This is because it essentially increases the total square footage of the home. Many people simply do not think of the basement as a usable space. However, by ensuring the basement is free from any leaks or potential moisture damage, the homeowner can free up the square foot equivalent of an entire floor.

Reduce Energy Costs

Sealing the basement is also a great way to reduce energy costs. In the winter months, an unsealed basement can lose much heat through the cracks and crevices that are left open. This equates to throwing money out the window for the home owner and having a less appealing home when it comes time to sell it.

Health Wise

For the sake of health alone, it is a wise idea to seal the basement of the home. This is because toxic black mold can grow in the home very quickly. Most people do not realize that toxic mold can grow in as little as 24 hours with just a small amount of moisture. This mold can not only destroy the home from the inside, but it can cause serious injury up to and including death to anyone living in the home. Children and the elderly are especially at risk for such dangers.

sealing the basement
Protect your home. Keep the harmful bacteria build up from molds by sealing your basement.

Protect Original Investment

Protecting their original investment should be at the forefront of any home owner. By making a simple commitment to sealing the basement in all of the right spots, the home owner is ensuring that they are all doing all they can to protect the home they were so proud of in the beginning.
When you have the made the decision to waterproof the basement of your home, simply click here and inquire as to what the best options for you and the home are.

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