Being a Princess

Being a Princess

Princess Dindin

Princess Dindin

Dindin really loves playing pretend. Sometimes, she is a princess, sometimes she is a ballerina, sometimes she is a ballerina princess.

Last time I bought this crown as part of a gift that we are giving for someone’s birthday. But before the event, I ended up opening the package and giving the crown to Dindin. She did not ask for it, but I decided that she should have it. haha So I had to buy some more as replacement for the gift.

Anyway, Dindin loved it, of course. That day, I made her wear a pink blouse and pink tutu so she was really very happy! LOL Just look at her face here! haha

3 thoughts on “Being a Princess

  1. pynky

    oh ! what a sweet smile..she does love the tiara..when can i have mine, mommy?? 🙂

  2. Donna Jane

    This remind me of “Andi ” in Maria Ladel Barrio. Such a cute girl 🙂

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