Becoming a Student of Child Psychology

Motherhood is no easy task. Aside from the physical labor from pregnancy to birthing, there are also physical demands after the child is born. And demands are far greater when the child is already with you, such as with bathing, feeding, lulling, soothing, and many other things.

But aside from the physical rigors, the heavier load would be the mental, psychological, and emotional aspects. Each day is a battle–the budget for felt needs, what to feed baby, how to let him sleep comfortably, how to treat rashes, the brand of milk, the brand of diapers, etc. These are all decisions that we have to make each day.

After that, there are of course decisions on how to discipline a child, what to do when he does something, how to react, and things like that. We are mothers but we are also psychologists who try to get into the minds of our children while trying to analyze things. To better understand them, we would like to see things from their own perspective.

It would help if you have a degree in child psychology because that is where you put the theories to a test. Hmmmm…maybe an online psychology degree would be good to study before your kid reaches toddler-hood? It is a war out there.

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