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As a work at home mom, I hardly have time to shop for anything else. My personal outings would be my twice a month trips to the supermarket in order to replenish the cupboard. I find that rather therapeutic.

That is why online shopping websites are heaven sent. While breastfeeding, I can browse through their displays online, note down what I like, and just come back when I am ready to order or if my orders are enough to reach the free shipping minimum. They are just so convenient. It’s like having Me Time right there and then.

And one such online shop is Beauty MNL. This is a website that was specifically created to provide for beauty needs of many people, men and women alike. They have an exhaustive collections of local and imported brands of cosmetics, toiletries, and accessories and their website is user friendly.

I especially appreciated the chance to shop at Beauty MNL last December. I needed a Maybelline All in One Foundation because mine was already thinning out. But although I needed it for the special events that were to happen last Christmas, I couldn’t find the time to get a new one. I dunno why. It seems that whenever we go to the mall, there are always needs that trumped out my pressed powder.

Beauty MNL
My orders from Beauty MNL.

Given a budget, I browsed through the collection of Beauty MNL and discovered that their Maybelline lipstick is on sale, too, so I added one in my cart. Plus I found some organic items like a pair of Moringa Sulfate-free Shampoo and Moringa Conditioner and the Zen Zest Olive Body Lotion, which I totally love.

When I placed my order that evening, the next morning, I received an email that my orders were already being processed. After a few hours, it was shipped out. But sadly, it was already the second week of December, which is peak season for the courier, which explained why my parcel arrived after seven working days. But that’s fine, at least I got my pressed powder in good condition, as I was already desperate for a new one.

Beauty MNL Promos

If you are into beauty, you should check out Beauty Mnl from time to time or subscribe to their newsletter because there are special online sales that you can avail, like the P149 lippie I got. Also, when I bought my stuff, they offered free shipping for a minimum order of P1,000. But just so you know, they are now continuously offering free shipping for minimum orders of P2,000. And if you live in the metro, you can get your orders within 24 hours!

Beauty MNL
Free shipping forever at Beauty Mnl

So if you haven’t tried their ordering from them, log on to And follow Beauty MNL on Facebook

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